Saved by a Panda

Life can get really complicated, balancing worky stuff, life stuff, parenting/kid stuff, spouse stuff, and most of the time I keep that under control, but suddenly we’ve added some “how are we going to care for an aging family member” stuff.  It makes everything  feel like its just too much… Then I get a  message like this post and it reminds me how lucky I am,  how grateful I am to do what I do. Thank you Amy!

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2 Responses to Saved by a Panda

  1. Annie says:

    Why is it that when the going gets tough we suddenly lean on the small things and find great delight in the simplest happenings – shouldn’t that always be the case? Shouldn’t we see the small gems always, not only when it gets complicated? Either way, isn’t it refreshing when it does happen! I’m glad you are finding joy and comfort in your passion – you must be doing something right! [and you totally are by the way, I have a live-in cardigan of my own – Pinnate Cardigan!]

  2. Anna says:

    I’ve made three of your sweaters in the last year and they have all been big hits. I think I need to make a Pinnate for the summer now…