Rhinebeck Or Bust

Subway Knits PodcastThere I am! At Rhinebeck for the very first time. This picture belongs to Maria (standing next to me) of the Subway Knits Podcast, she is wearing her first sweater project and its so beautiful I’m not sure I can believe her, it looks far too good for a first.

The trip was entirely unscheduled and very last minute. The plan was to get up at 4, drive to NY, stay all day at the festival then crash the party in BeckyinVT’s hotel room for the night. Leaving early was brilliant, no traffic, easy drive, got to park a few yards away from the main gate and wander around the vendors by myself for awhile before everything got too crowded. I saw A LOT of amazing and inspiring hand knits. I didn’t buy anything other then lunch and a tub of Woodbeams from the Bosworths. The best part is the people:

Shook hands with Melanie Falick (and swooned) who was wearing an incredible Alabama Chanin top so we talked about that instead of knitting (oops).

Found out that Ann Shayne is tall, (which totally blew my mind and I love her even more after getting to talk with her) and Kay is not (She is even sassier in person though, I like that). Becky took an adorable picture of the 3 of us together and then (damn me) I erased it by mistake (oops 2x).

I met two of the most inspiring and talented knitters I follow on ravelry Craftivore Misa and Pinneguri Ann (all the way from Norway!?!).

I said hello to Stephanie, Ysolda, Jess, Casey and Sarah none of whom know me and so were all probably somewhat alarmed (guessing they’re used to that at these events by now).

Saw but didn’t get a chance  to meet/speak to Clara/Knitters Review, Adrian/Hello Yarn, Amy/Spunky Eclectic, Laura/Cosmic Pluto and Shannon/Knitgrrrl.

There is a long list of people who were there but that I did NOT see, I am especially disappointed to have missed  Teva Durham,   Knitting Dropout Melissa, and Winged Knits Cecily who were there for book signings.

There were a whole heck-of-a-LOT more people that I recognized from ravelry or from their blogs, and frankly it was a little too much, by 1 my head was really starting to hurt, despite lots of water and apples and an artichoke french, by 2 it was turning into an ugly mess of a migraine. By 4 I had slipped away ahead of the traffic and was admiring the vinyards on rte 9 on my way back north. I am sincerely sorry that I didn’t stay to hang out after with Becky and her friends because I thoroughly enjoyed walking around with them and would have loved getting to talk more. But the migraine thing is no joke and I wasn’t feeling good. It was better to get and not spoil their awesome weekend. I really want to meet up with them again sometime, since we all live in the same state, hopefully that won’t be too hard to plan.

Best for last? I saw one of my own patterns ‘in the wild’. The beautiful Mollie and her Larch knit in Wollemeise, came up to me because she saw we were wearing the same sweater. She even let me take her picture so I could prove someone actually knit this stuff.

Thank you Mollie!

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5 Responses to Rhinebeck Or Bust

  1. Melynda says:

    So happy you got to go. I attended my first last year but did not save enough vacation days to make a trip this year. Please tell me you tried the fried pickles, because- they may sound crazy and a little gross- but I promise you they are delicious!

  2. Diane says:

    It was good to see you, however briefly it may have been! I can’t wait to hear all about when your wheel is done :)

  3. BeckyinVT says:

    Woohoooo! Rhinebeck! I’m glad you were able to escape the migraine. We will all hang out some saturday with knitting and spinning and no crowds.

  4. Amy says:

    aww that first picture! Two of my favorite people! How wonderful. 😀

  5. margaux says:

    gah! sad I missed seeing you too! Love it.