Say hello to my new/old friend:

It would seem that this is an early prototype of Journey Wheel. It’s story as much as I know of it is that it was made by Jonathan Bosworth in the 1970’s and he donated it to the (now closed) Vermont Crafts Center in Windsor VT. The Craft center had two of these wheels, when they closed, the wheels were donated to the Six Loose Ladies Co-op. One of their members got in touch with the Bosworths and confirmed its origins then set about putting it back in working order with Jonathan’s advice. They decided to keep one and sell the other for the benefit of the Co-op and that is how I ended up with it. The Loose Ladies brought along a sign that said ‘Restored early Journey Wheel for sale’ to the Vermont Sheep and Wool and I walked right by it. Lucky for me I was standing next to Kelly (and Julia and Diane) who noticed the sign and gave me a little nudge.

The important stuff: it works! Rather well, though there is only one bobbin with it, I will need to remedy that. That green bushing you see in the picture of the bobbin is going to make that a little more complicated then simply ordering new bobbins but I have been told by Mrs. Bosworth she thinks they can fix that. The case did have something very heavy dropped on it, there are two cracks, one across the front and one across the back but otherwise it is in lovely condition. The amazing thing, when I first got really in to spinning, I was inspired by these very wheels. I’m still a little bit in shock. Mr wouldn’t let me sleep with it, but it was the first thing I could see when I woke up this morning…


(Those are little boy hands with that bobbin)

(“Mollander” is the name of the mystery fleece pictured there. We don’t have any idea what “Mollander” is/means and neither did Copper Moose when I bought it from them a few years ago but it was crazy cheap and definitely wool. Very very soft wool at that)

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  1. Jules says:

    I’ve never seen one of these before… clever and beautiful! Hope it brings you many hours of peace and productivity ; )