Catalog knitting

So I got an Anthropologie catalog in the mail the other day…

Bea by Kim Hargreaves, Stash Away Cardigan pg 8

Espensen by Cirilia Rose, Balkash pg 10

Acer by me, Wavy Cables Cardigan pg 11

Caraway by Sarah Hatton or #31 Leaf Motif Jacket by Melissa LaBarre, Tulip Sleeve Cardigan pg 11

Hawkmoth Pullover by Debbie O’Neil, Lancang Pullover pg 18

Missimer Pullover by Katya Wilsher or Holl by Kirsten Johnstone, Diamond Weave Pullover, back cover

There are several others, those are just what came to mind first. So often I see the Anthropologie influence all over the new patterns on Ravelry, I can’t tell you how much I am loving this bit of role reversal.

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3 Responses to Catalog knitting

  1. margaux says:

    I was ripping pages out of my anthro catalogue too thinking I saw that somewhere!!

  2. Helen L says:

    teeheehee, you know how great I think all of this is, right? If you don’t, you really should commit it to memory, because I don’t get to tell you often enough!

  3. Ann Jas says:

    Couldn’t agree more…thanks for posting the ‘like’ patterns…I’ve already gotten ideas for sweaters that I want to knit based on the catalogue :-)