Its so hard to think about summer when its 30 degrees outside…

But I’ll try because  Knitscene is going quarterly! Starting with a Summer 2011 issue,

Go look, I’ll wait.


Did you see it? Why I’m so super-extra-excited about this one?

Anyway I’m going talk about that next time, right now I want to talk about how fantastic it is that this magazine has succeeded to the point where they have doubled the number of issues/year.

I remember waiting in anxious anticipation for the very first issue to come out.

I still have every issue.

There are  so many patterns going back to that first issue that I still want to make.

There are so many cool people who have been featured.

Very few magazines have published so much that still worthy of knitting, it all makes it that much harder for me to believe that that is me in there now.

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11 Responses to Its so hard to think about summer when its 30 degrees outside…

  1. Contrats ! You are going from strengh to strengh.. :)

  2. Cirilia says:

    Aww, you’ve earned it, lady!! Lisa knows a good thing when she sees it 😉

    Welcome to the Knitscene gang!

  3. Katinka says:

    How exciting for you! And well-deserved!

    Knitscene has easily become my favorite print magazine of late — the last several issues have been stellar.

  4. Sharon says:

    um, I think I want to knit all four of your designs! And I haven’t bought a knitting magazine in a couple of years!

    Really lovely things.

  5. Once again in awe of your designs- totally beautiful.

  6. elena gold says:

    congratulations! i will definitely pick up a copy. :) hooray for profiles, too!

  7. BeckyinVT says:

    Congratulations, they’re all lovely! I like the pattern naming scheme too :-)

  8. emily says:

    Congratulations! knitscene has just been getting better and better and including you as their featured designer is AWESOME! I especially love the cardigan and the tee…ok and the pullover…and the scarf :)
    Nice work!

  9. Tara says:

    Gram would be so proud!

  10. Trista says:

    Wow- 4 in one issue! Congrats. You are very inspired and productive. I really want to knit that Hempathy Tee!

  11. Camille says:

    Congratulations on publishing so many lovely patterns in such a great mag! Going through the preview I would think, ‘ooh! another one I like!’ and lo and behold, it would be yours. :}