California Dreaming

I found this:

And decided to use up some old Cascade 220 I had to makeĀ  a heavily modified version of this:Its called California Dreaming. The name seems so appropriate given how I’m feeling about winter this year.

They knit in pieces, bottom up, on size 15 needles,

I knit top down, in the round, on size 10Construction notes:
CO 60 sts, work 10 rnds garter st. Work 2 rnds rev st st, (24 sts-front/back 6 sts-sleeves). Inc for raglan every other rnd, 8x, then every 4th rnd, 4x, work 2 rnds, divide arms and body. CO 8 sts for underarms. Work even for 5″, dec for waist, [work 3″, inc for waist] 2x… Work even until body measures 1″ less then desired length, work 5 rnds garter st, BO purlwise.

Sleeves- Pick up the held sts + 8 underarm sts- 37 sts. Work 8 rnds, dec 1 st at each end of the next rnd- 35 sts. Work even in stripe (matching the body) to last stripe, work 2 rnds, dec 1 st at each end of the next row- 33 sts. Work even until sleeve measures the same as body. Work 5 rnds garter st, BO purlwise.

This was supposed to be a nice quick project to knit while I finish up some pattern editing.

Then, yesterday, I ran out of the purple yarn.

Happy February all!

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3 Responses to California Dreaming

  1. D’oh! I hate it when that happens. I am in a bit of a knitting funk at the moment. Working out what should be a simple color-stranded mitten has become the bane of my existence! And yet, I love it.

    Beautiful work, by the way…

  2. krisstl says:

    i like very much this pattern, to be continued…

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