Cinnamon Girl Cardigan


The Cinnamon Girl Cardigan began with a conversation about the yarn. Jill Draper Makes Stuff Empire is a hand dyed 100% Rambouillet wool from New York state, its a bouncy round Aran weight that finds that perfect balance between rugged and softness. In short its the yarn you want for a ‘forever sweater’, the kind of sweater you reach for season after season, classic and cozy but with a few twists… I could be happy the rest of my life with a cinnamon girl 😉

Knit from the bottom up, this cardigan is nearly seamless (there is a short seam attaching the collar to the neck back). A few notes on the sizing, the Cinnamon Girl Cardigan is imagined with a relaxed fit. The cardigan shown measures 39” and is shown worn with 3-4” of ease. There is 2” of overlap on the fronts so the amount of ease (positive or negative) is not as critical as with a more fitted style of garment. I would not recommend more than 4” of positive ease (larger than your actual measurements) or 1” of negative ease (smaller than your actual measurements) but anything in between is a matter of personal preference. Measure a few favorite garments across the underarm and across the hip before deciding which size to make if you are unsure.

Finished Measurements
36, 39, 41, 44 1/2, 48, 50” finished hip circumference.

Get all the rest of the details and information on how to buy the pattern in my Ravelry Shop

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    Love! Love! Love!