Weekend Wool! Wool Weekend!

© gzucker

© gzucker

Its Rhinebeck Weekend already!! Will I see you there?

If so make sure you visit the Green Mountain Spinnery’s Booth, not only do they have the delicious new Weekend Wool there, they will have the samples from the Green Mountain Weekend e-book there as well, including my Lodestar mittens pictured above.

(Isn’t that a beautiful shot? Ms Gale Zucker does some amazing work. I’m so honored to have had her work her magic with my mittens.)

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3 Responses to Weekend Wool! Wool Weekend!

  1. Ann says:

    Envy level defcon one. Wishing you all a swell Rhinebeck, adore those mittens, wish I were going to see Gale this weekend!

  2. Mary Anne says:

    I have these yummy mittens on the needles right now. They’re going to be SOOO warm and toasty, and the color combination is such a happy one. I’ll be sending them off to my niece for her first year of walking across a campus to classes :) They’re a pretty quick knit, too. I saw the model pieces at the Spinnery this weekend and they’re all wonderful.

  3. Eims Eims says:

    Beautiful mittens! Wow!