Sweater Season

The weather is changing here in the North East- in my little corner the leaves are turning orange and all the woolens are coming out.


This might surprise you but… I have a lot of sweaters. A LOT. You’re shocked right?

So many that I have to keep them in big rubber bins and after I’ve packed them up I sometimes forget about them. This is where you come in. Sometimes all it takes is a great project photo and suddenly I’m thinking “Ooo I want that…. WAIT I HAVE THAT!”

Today I’m wearing the Stonecutters Cardigan after seeing this beautiful sweater Threadpanda made (she also has a thing for the moody and atmospheric photos, I just love this, but if you want to actually see all her beautiful work click the link on her name)8254428343_aa31b38508_z

Some other recent rediscoveries:

Ewensberg5’s White Pine

Flokk’s and Viffla’s Acers

Georgievinsun’s Maxfield

And then there is JanuaryoneAwesome, amazing and possibly a little crazy Cara… Who knit not one but TWO Maxfields



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One Response to Sweater Season

  1. Cara says:

    Oh I’m ALL crazy not just a little! 😉 BEST SWEATERS EVER! They each came out better than I ever could’ve hoped and I get tons of compliments when I wear them. When people find out that I actually KNIT it myself? They start offering me all kinds of mmoney to knit for them. YOU ROCK!! (All I did was knit the things – the true genius is all you!!!)