Amy in Wonderland

Something wonderful happened online while I was offline* over the weekend, Kathreen Ricketson of Whip Up invited me to contribute to her Knitting Designer Guest Series and this is what I wrote. When you’re done with that be sure to check out the rest of her guest post series, I am profoundly humbled to have been invited into such good company.

Kathreen asked me to share my thoughts about the design process and any insight I might have into what makes a successful pattern and especially why I make so many cardigans. Questions to which I really wish I had answers.

My best advice for a successful pattern launch is to be someone who looks good wearing yellow because the mustardy yarns seem to draw the eye but then again that maybe just a lucky coincidence as I happen to love wearing that color.

Which really all goes to my point: I have no point. All that I really know is that I am thankful everyday to keep this going another week, thankful for the opportunity to express myself creatively, for the all people I get to meet, many of whom I can now call friends. Its been an awful lot of work, sometimes frustrating but still feels like nothing short of magic.

Actually I think Thomas Jefferson said it best:

“I am a great believer in luck, I find the harder I work the more I have of it”

Also cardigans, I believe they are the best sweaters, because they are so versatile.




*Rhinebeck, next time.

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One Response to Amy in Wonderland

  1. thea says:

    Totally with you on the sentiment! Lovely interview btw.